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What we do on a boiler service!

Gas Saftey Checks

  • Check for gas leaks.

  • Visually check all other gas appliances, flues, meters, pipework within the property. 

  • Check for clean combustion of the boiler and adjust if required by manufacturers instructions. 

  • Test for correct operation and pressure of meters and gas pipework. 

  • Ensuring that the boiler is using the correct amount of gas, know in the trade as gas rate. 

  • Check safety devices on appliances. 

  • Making sure the appliances have the correct ventilation to operate safely.

  • Reporting on any defects that we find on the installation.

Other Checks

  • Test the quality of the central heating water, checking pH levels, corrosion, and inhibitor levels. Poor water quality is the biggest cause for boiler breakdowns, so it makes sense to get this right. We will email you with a report

  • Clean out any filters and condensate traps.

  • Remove air for system.

  • Make sure all heating controls, boilers and systems are working correctly. 

  • Re-pressurise the expansion vessel if required. 

  • Make recommendations to help keep your system in tip top shape. 

This list is to give you an idea of what you may expect from a boiler service. There maybe other things we do, not listed, and things listed that we don’t do, if not required.

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